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Dr. Reynardo Adorable always appreciates feedback from his valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 17 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Dr. Reynardo Adorable below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.
Dean L.
Submitted 10/20/17
Great work Dr. Ray, much appreciated. Your expertise and advice have proven priceless! Thank you!
Terri M.
Submitted 10/18/17
Thank you Dr.Rey ! I highly recommend Dr Reynardo Adorablee. I have suffered from neck pain for over 15 years and after treatments with Dr Rey the pain has greatly improved. His office & staff are kind and caring .Dr Rey has an amazing way of making Patients feel at ease .Thank you again for your kind,caring & calming healing effects you give your patients. Terri Morris
Marie P.
Submitted 09/29/17
My husband had a nasty accident in Iraq that left him in tears every morning he awoke with back pain. He never really got to cuddle with even our tiny infants as they were too heavy for him to hold. It has just been 2 weeks of care, and he is walking tall again. He still can not lift much but that is a consequence of his condition. The biggest change though? He no longer is in such extreme pain that his eyes well up any more. He can sit normally and even cook! I can not thank Dr Rey enough! MARIE PENIX,
Shaughn N.
Submitted 05/30/17
Dr. Adorable is a great chiro and wellness doctor! He is always staying educated on the newest and best treatment. His schedule runs on time and he is always looking out for the patient's best options!
Ms. Todd S.
Submitted 04/11/17
I've been a patient of Dr. A's for many years. I had developed severe back problems. Dr. A determined there was narrowing of the space between the disc in my back. He recommended Decompression therapy. I had 21 secession , followed DR. A's instructions and had periodic adjustments. I have my life back and my BACK !!! I've recommended Dr. A to several friends and they are doing great. If you have the need for Chiropractic services you've come to the right place. Thank you Dr. Adorable.
Rhett H.
Submitted 04/10/17
Dr. Rey is Super Professional, and always so gentle while making the adjustments. He has helped me since I was in high school with football, and now recently after my car accident! I'm So So Grateful for his knowledge and Expertise!
Nancy N.
Submitted 04/08/17
I have known and have been seeing Dr Rey for 30 years now. He was instrumental in my cancer remission after battling Lymphoma. He was always there to relieve my spinal headache after getting spinal chemo infusion. To date, Dr Rey is the only one that can relieve my severe migraine. No amount of drugs can take care of it. His adjustment will instantaneous relieve my headache like magic. Dr Rey is a very compassionate Doctor. He cares about his patients well being. He is kind and generous of his time. Dr Rey has a brand new clinic. Its beautiful and he has employed wonderful staffs. His wife Marina is always around too to make you feel special. I highly recommend Dr Rey, he is a great Chiropractor that can take care and heal any kind of pain all over your body. Don't live in misery, Dr Rey can instantly relieve your discomfort. Live Healthy and Happy
Beverly S.
Submitted 04/07/17
I met Dr. Rey at a networking meeting and immediately I knew that I needed to go to him. He has been my chiropractor ever since (a few years now) but he's been much more than that. I went through some serious personal problems and my body was seriously affected by them. He was able to tell me how my body was reacting, and treated me for that as well as recommending supplements that would help me. I've been taking them ever since and I know they've helped me. In fact, his cleansing diet was really good for my body and at the end of it, that's the best I've felt in years! I felt like a new person. I really like that he doesn't just do the adjustments and get you out the door, but he listens to both what you say and what your body is doing, and takes your care to the next level. And then follows up! He also has other things available that a normal chiropractor wouldn't necessarily have. He administered a test to see if I had any buildup in my arteries. It was cheap, quick, and painless, and showed a slight buildup. He even has a remedy for that - all natural too! Just supplements. He can do anything! And he's certified in acupuncture too! Whatever your needs, Dr. Rey can help you, especially if you give him a chance over a bit of time. And I like to call him Dr. adorable! (he is)
Tammie S.
Submitted 03/29/17
I wish I could give 10 stars!! Dr Adorable and his staff have gone above and beyond to help not only me, but my daughter as well!! He has always spent the time to really listen to our concerns, plus he is super knowledgeable. AND HIS MASSAGE THERAPISTS ARE THE VERY BEST!!!!
Roger K.
Submitted 03/11/17
Dr Ray is uniquely different as a practitioner. He listens to you and your problem. He is knowledgeable and has the expertise to fix the problem even if it takes a series of sessions to complete. He also does not give up and will change the sessions if they are not continuing to bring results. What I also like is that he is very informed about the homeopathic cures and support that can be added to achieve the desired results. In all He is my GO TO guy when I have back pain.
Ronald M.
Submitted 03/10/17
I love this family owned business. Professionaliziam to the core and smiles with great educational conversations. They truly care. Thank you Dr.A and your crew.
Sam K.
Submitted 03/08/17
There is not enough space here to write, in detail, of the Positive experience I've had with Dr. Adorable and his staff at the Advanced Wellness and Weight Loss clinic. Having no prior experience with Chiropractors, I was a little skeptic at first, to say the least. All I was sure of was the Severe pain I was in, and the need for relief. After 3 trips to the ER and getting pumped full of drugs, only to have the pain return the following day, I was desperate! A CT Scan showed severe bulging of the lower discs of my spine which was placing pressure on the Sciatic nerve. On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain was a 10+. After having Dr. Adorable review my medical files and filling him in on my history of injuries, he reassured me that he could offer some (if not total) relief from the pain. After 4 weeks of having him make "adjustments" to my spine, and Spinal Decompression treatments, the pain went from a 10+ to a 1. As I sit here now writing this it is a 0! NO PAIN whatsoever!! He is not one to fill you full of false hopes. His honesty in the possibilities of helping my situation was reassuring. I still have several sessions to go before completing the recommended treatment. I would like to thank him and his Wonderful staff for giving me my life back! And Yes, his staff is Superb! From his massage therapist to his receptionist; they are Awesome! Let me close by saying that being a person of great faith, and praying for an answer/remedy to my condition, I Know that God worked through Dr. Adorable to bring about my healing. And for that, I can't thank Either enough!
Ryan M.
Submitted 03/08/17
So far I have received 4 out of my 24 sessions of spinal decompression therapy and I honestly cannot believe how effective it really is. I was sceptical at first because I had bought and inversion table prior to the treatments thinking it would help, and in concept they are similar, but in practice they couldn't be any more different. Where in decompression therapy, you're laying down in a relaxed state where the machine your hooked up to lightly pulls and releases over a gradual amount of time allowing your disks to straighten out. This allows the nutrients and water to flow back into your disks which are undoubtedly suffering. As for and inversion table, you are hanging upside down which in theory, would help decompress your spine. But does it? Not really. Instead, your core muscles tighten and hold their positions due to the extreme amount of resistance your spine has while upside down. This actually prevents your spine to relax up and stretch apart, which is the most important part of healing your injuries. I've gone two days now without pain over the weekend since starting therapy, and has been the first time in 5 months I have not needed to take medication for the pain. I am outworldly impressed with the results with only the 4 out of 24 sessions I've had. I am incredibly optimistic and positive this is the treatment for most spinal injuries for future to come. The results have been incredible, and there's no need to potentially risk your future getting your spine cut into. TLDR: Spinal decompression therapy has worked wonders and Dr. Adorable has been an amazing friend who has helped my spine and I feel whole lot healthier. 10/10 highly recommend this therapy over surgery. Like any major decision making in your lives, please make sure to research your options and decide what's best for you.
Steven B.
Submitted 03/07/17
Dr. Rey cured the bulging disk in my neck with spinal decompression treatments. Two surgeons had recommended surgery. He made me a believer. I highly recommend Dr. Rey.
Alicia C.
Submitted 03/07/17
Dr. Rey is truly concerned about the well-being of his patients. You can expect top rate chiropractic, a great support staff, and a place where you quickly become family!
Dawn R.
Submitted 03/07/17
Dr. Adorable has treated the sciatic nerve in my hip and I no longer have any pain. He listens and he cares. I refer all of my friends to receive treatment from him. He is the BEST!
Tamera G.
Submitted 03/03/17
Tamarra G. Dallas, TX 0 friends 1 review 5.0 star rating 12/10/2014 Dr. Rey first treated me in 1993 for whiplash in a car accident. I have seen him over a period of time whenever I've had a variety of injuries and sciatica. After his care and treatment for back injuries in two rearend collisions in 2013, I now see Dr. Rey on a regular basis for maintenance. His decompression table has made the difference in my ability to walk and sit comfortably. My sciatica pain is almost non-existent,and I no longer have to take pain medication for it. He listens to my concerns and is very comforting and he always has a recommendation for the care needed. . Another great thing about Dr. Rey is his knowledge about a natural approach to health issues. He has a variety of vitamin supplements that are very effective for different issues. There's one that replaced the Aleve and Naproxen that I used to take for back pain and inflammation and sciatica pain. There is another supplement that is amazing in relieving stress so that I no longer take a prescription drug for stressful days. There's another supplement that improves the quality of my sleeptime. Dr. Rey is very ethical and passionate and effective in the quality of care he gives. I highly recommend Dr. Rey. It's easy to get an appointment. My wait time in his office is less than 5 minutes.

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